Rolling in the deep

The scariest thing as a new referee is the not knowing. You’ve learnt all the rules, you’ve read the casebook, you know the theory – but how do you apply that in real game scenarios? I started refereeing drills in training to get used to watching the players interact with each other, where I needed…

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Why refereeing?

JR for Hells Belles vs Rebellion British Champs T3 East 2017

There’s always a lot of chatter in Ref groups on Facebook, at officiating clinics, at halftime/after games about how to recruit new officials. It seems like there are never enough of us! With more leagues cropping up all over the country it doesn’t seem like this is a problem that will be solved any time…

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What am I doing here?!?!?!

I mainly set this up to keep score of thoughts/feelings during my journey as a Roller Derby referee, however it’s also going to be a store for skating drills and skills, the mental challenges faced by officials of all kinds and as a chance to discuss rules or share definitions that I’ve heard. Skating for…

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